Speech-To-Text-Reporter Gea Duister.

I have been a qualified STTR since January 2007. In these past years I have been working in very diverse situations. Some of these situations are congresses, hospital visits, courses, church services and colleges. I am also available for private appointments like birthdays, marriages, day trips, yoga classes and so on.

There is a not a robot sitting next to you.

Making sure everyone gets to participate in a conversation, that is what my goal is. Working with people is my passion. There is not a robot sitting next to you as STTR. Besides your hearing aid, I am also just a human being.

Are you looking for a STTR who can caption in English? That is also possible. I am not yet able to caption the 700 characters per minute I can reach when captioning in Dutch, but with my speed of captioning in English I am able to caption your English speech.