Working method

Live subtitling sounds and conversations, that is what I do as speech-to-text-reporter. With a typing speed of about 700 characters per minute, I type about twice as fast as an experienced typist. How is that possible? I use a 'Velotype Pro' / 'Veyboard'©, a special keyboard, on which one can type entire syllables instead of only one character at the time. That way, you can follow the conversation by reading it on a laptop or other digital screen. Before the STTR-assignment starts, I would like to be informed about your wishes and expectations. I would also be glad to be given some information about the situation I will be working in so I came prepare. This way, I can perform best for you as my client and give you the subtitles that you deserve.

When someone whispers or stutters, I will type it for you.

My way of working can’t be compared to the work of a scribe. It is about speaking, not writing. Does someone whisper, stutter, or is someone too loud to be easily understandable? I will also type it in for you that way. It is about the STTR being able to make the hearing-impaired client be aware of the entire situation, like a hearing person would experience it. I will type everything I hear, except for your own words.

I will be sitting next to you or close to you, but I won’t play any role in the situation. Also, I have pledged an oath of secrecy, and am registered to the Register Tolken Gebarentaal en Schrijftolken(Registry of Sign language interpreters and STTRs) and the Bureau Beëdigde Tolken en Vertalers(Bureau Sworn Interpreters and Translators). This means that you can be assured that before, during and after the assignment I will treat any information confidentially.