Text-On-Top (among other presentations)

Using TextOnTop you will be able to follow presentations better because you will no longer have to be able to look at two screens at the same time. The captioning can now be found on the same screen as the presentation itself. Text-on-top makes captioning real-life subtitling. You no longer need a second screen or second beamer.

Another possibility for the use of Text-on-top is that the client no longer has to sit next to the speech-to-text-reporter. As long as the STTR is able to understand the speaker properly, this system can be used to send the text to a second pc or laptop wirelessly. This way, you can sit anywhere you want to. A situation in which this can be used, is for example a church service or a funeral, where you would rather sit next to your family without having a STTR sitting next to you.

Also see the "Horen" of April/May 2013 (Dutch), where Text-On-Top is also explained.

Wereldpremiere TextOnTop