Captioning hours

The amount of hours you hire a STTR, get reimbursed in most situations. For this, you do need a statement from the doctor or audio logical centre, with which you can show that you are indeed hearing impaired. Only then you are entitled to so called captioning hours. With this captioning hours granting you can hire a STTR for work-, educational- and private situations.

Work and education
If you want to hire a STTR to caption for you at work or at school, you approach the UWV. This agency reimburses a maximum of 15 percent of your working hours. You can also be granted captioning hours for schooling, the amount of these will be determined by the UWV.

Also in your private life the costs for STTR will be reimbursed. For this you are granted a maximum of 30 hours each year, which you can apply for via Menzis. If you are deafblind, you are granted 168 hours each year. You can use these hours whenever you want to for whatever private situation you would like captioned.

Out of Hours?
Do you use more hours than Menzis reimburses for you? Then you can apply for more hours at Menzis. You do need to motivate your application, so it is important that you show Menzis how many more hours you need and why.

Also if you aren’t granted any captioning hours, you can still hire me. Call of e-mail to receive an offer.