Captioning of tours.

From this day on you can also hire me as mobile speech-to-text-reporter.

You can think about funerals, tours, museums, etc.

Using a “Velo-Walker”, on which the keyboard is positioned together with an iPad or tablet I can now also caption your tours for you.
I will walk along with the tour, and the client can walk next to me. Every story the speaker tells, I will caption for you and you will be able to read along on the tablet. This is also possible if you as a client are sitting in a wheelchair. In that case I can place the tablet in a way so that you can also read along while sitting, or you can hold an (extra) tablet on your lap.

Also see "In de media",
- "NVVS - Horen nummer 3 Jaargang 40, juni/juli 2012, lezerspagina
- "PlotsDoof" van dec 2012.
- Plotsdoof, Jr 24 nr 1, pag 9. About experiencing a Velo-walker (mobile STTR)

And of course a combination of the Velo-Walker AND Text-On-Top
VeloWalker ook Bij Schrijftolknodig te bestellen.

As a STTR you can also order your own "Velo-Walker", made by!

For a description of how this "Velo-Walker" was made, click here.  
Colleague-STTRs with a Velo-Walker:
Sandy Groeneveld met VeloWalker Bianca Lopez Selles met VeloWalker Lucy Semmelink met VeloWalker