Online captioning.

Do you have an appointment with a doctor, but are you not comfortable with bringing a speech-to-text-reporter into the consulting room? Or do you think that those 10 minutes are not long enough to have a STTR come? For these situation I now offer the opportunity to caption for you online.

You will be sitting in the consulting room with your doctor, but I will still be able to caption what he or she says. And of course, I do not only caption doctors’ appointments online. Also in a lot of other situations, online captioning is a possibility.

I don’t see anything, but do hear everything.

As one of the first STTR the in the Netherlands I work online. This is actually very simple. You, as client, log in on an online captioning program and will be directly connected to me. The only thing you need is a laptop or tablet with internet access and a microphone. You don’t even need to download anything. I don’t see anything, but do hear everything.

Especially for short or personal appointments at which you would rather not have an STTR sitting next to you, online captioning comes in handy. Do you have anything questions about online captioning? Call or e-mail!

For more information, also see the "Horen" van April/May 2013 (Dutch), where one of the possibilities for online captioning is explained.