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Hearing properly is not something implicit. This can cause quite some issues in daily life.
Imagine, you are at a birthday celebration, but you can’t understand the conversations going on around you.
Or you are in college, but don’t hear what the teacher is explaining. In these situations, subtitles would be convenient for you.
Is this something you could think? Then, I could be your extra pair of ears.

Speech-to-text-reporter Gea Duister writes down what you can’t hear.

You can view my presence as glasses, denture or hearing aid. I type is being spoken, which allows you to be able to communicate like an equal. And to do this, I don’t even have to be physically present. As one of the first STTR’s in the Netherlands, I also work online.

Need an STTR? The spoken will now be written, so also someone with an hearing impairment can participate in a conversation like anyone else.

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