Documents to download and to send // information.
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Applianceform schooling hours UWV
Applianceform working hours UWV
Applianceform private hours Menzis
Jobcode STTR Informative
Jobprofile STTR Informative
Conditions Gea Duister Informative
Emergency application for funeral or cremation Gea Duister
For Team-captioning you can find out more at UWV and/or Menzis. The possibilities for reimbursement of team-captioning and the possibilities to apply for this have been changed a lot and differ per situation.
Below you find the 'old' regulations (until 2009)
Team-captioning General Informative
Scheme applying Team-captioning Informative
Appliance Menzis Team-captioning Menzis
Appliance Menzis Team-captioning + extra hours Menzis
Appliance UWV Team-captioning UWV
Appliance UWV Team-captioning + extra hours UWV