NSV Nederlandse Schrijftolken Vereniging (Dutch STTR Society)
doof News from deaf-land.
doven.eigenstart Dutch startpage
doven.startpagina Dutch startpage
doven.pagina Dutch startpage
fodok Dutch Federation from parents of deaf children.
nbtg Dutch professional association interpreters gesture language.
ncbd Dutch Christian association of deaf
ncpld Dutch centre suddenly- and late- deafness
nvvs Dutch association for hard of hearing
Oorakel. Information on among other things helping aids.
stichtingplotsdoven Foundation for Suddenly-deaf
stichtingrtg Register interpreters gesture language (and STTR)
tolknet Conciliation office for (STTR)interpreters requests
Wikipedia The free encyclopedia over the profession STTR
Doven op zijn best Links to/over deafness, hard of hearing, news and information. Swedisch site with sign-language. English site about STTR. English site about UK STTR reporters. Finnish site about interpreters.
College's College's in The Netherlands and abroad